Tuesday, April 3, 2012

shoesday tuesday

shoes- zara, desk image via pinterest

In an effort to reclaim Tuesdays and rescue them from their utter blandness, I decided to deem them something more fun.  Originally I was going to go with boozeday-tuesday, but thought this might be against my best judgement.  Cruiseday-tuesday seemed entirely impossible, and juiceday-tuesday just wasn't enough fun.  And so, shoesday-tuesday was born.  (I swear, this post on The Man Repeller is entirely coincidental... I didn't see it until halfway through posting, and I have the g-chat (brainstorming session) history to prove it!) That being said, I realize now that it's not (apparently) entirely brilliant or revolutionary, but I like it and it works and it's likely here to stay.

Happy Shoesday.


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