Friday, October 21, 2011

my kind of friday night

So- remember this post??

Well... today, my Farrow & Ball wallpaper samples finally arrived!!!  They are LOVELY.  Gorgeous colors, which I expected, and very textural which I wasn't expecting at all.  They are soooo beautiful.

See????  My favorite is the one on the left.  Ahh.  Now if only I could afford more than the free swatch!  Adore.

Not only did the samples arriving make my Friday night pretty awesome (I am supposed to be doing school work), but also my new desk chair arrived (which of course I pulled out of the box and put together immediately.)  SO excited, have been trying to find a desk/chair combo since school started and it's finally all coming together!!  I got the desk last weekend and have been waiting ever-so-patiently for this chair to be delivered.  Pictures to come once I finish decorating...  but to give you an idea of the vibe I'm going for, it's sort of a combination of these two images:

I love that lamp!!

Hopefully now I will be uber-productive because I actually enjoy sitting at my desk!  I'll keep you posted on that front...  I may have to shut down the internet completely so I am not tempted by pinterest and the million and one blogs I need to catch up on.  Anyway... it's looking like this is going to turn into a fabulously productive and wonderful evening... hope you are all enjoying this Friday night!

**images 2 & 3 via my pinterest

Thursday, October 20, 2011

outfit translation : pale elegance

all images via my pinterest

Loving this outfit - so simple, yet regal and glamorous and cozy all at once....just like this gorgeous bedroom with its elegant canopy.  How gorgeous/unique is that crown?  Absolutely adoring it.  This week I'm inspired by neutral palettes of luxurious fabric with floor-sweeping length... just enough of something extra to add a touch of unexpected glamour.  Have a glorious morning...hope you find a hint of glamour somewhere in your day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

happy tuesday and a guest post

Hi, Susi here from Arcadian Lighting, 
a site that specialized is really quality light fixtures and lamps
Today's guest post is about how pattern plus color equals lively, 
stylish spaces. Mixing color and pattern is an art. 
Too much can feel chaotic, while a lack of color and pattern can be boring. 
Look for colors and patterns that complement one another for a stylish 
design that will feel polished. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix 
color and pattern to create lively spaces. Enjoy!
Lively Spaces  
Elle Decor
Picking a color palette allows you to mix in bold patterns and keep a well
designed look. Love the ikat patterned curtains and the boldly patterned 
rug and table light fixtures in blues and reds.
Lively Spaces Flor
Gorgeous color and pattern on the floor creates a lively look for a living room or bedroom.
Love these suzani patterned carpet tiles that add color and pattern to the room.
Lively Spaces An Indian Summer
Global textiles and rugs add lively colors and patterns to this bedroom. Keeping the walls white allows
the textiles to be the stars of the design.
Lively Spaces Remodelaholic
Saturated wall color and lively pattern in white make this a lively space. White and yellow make for
a cheerful color combination with a lot of energy.
Lively Spaces Pinterest
Bright wall colors can handle boldly colored patterned upholstery. Love the yellow and white
chevron patterned chair mixed with the pink walls and chairs. And who could resist the lovely 
choice of lighting fixtures?
Lively Spaces Etsy
Use a stencil like this one and your favorite color paint to create a lively wall in your bedroom, 
dining room, powder room or living room. The bolder the color, the bolder the pattern.
Lively Spaces Flickr
This Anna Spiro decorated bedroom is pattern and color layered on more pattern and color that
creates a very lively design. Mixing this many patterns and colors may not be for everyone, but use
it as inspiration to be bold.
Lively Spaces Shelterness
Pattern and color can liven up a kitchen. Love the patterned drum shade pendant light and matching
upholstery on the kitchen chairs. Plates on the wall add more color and pattern.

Would you put some pattern & color into your house after looking at these fabulous photos?
I hope you are inspired! Don't forget to check out more lighting fixtures at Arcadian Lighting.

Images: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
Hope you all enjoyed that post, thank you Susi  for stopping by and sharing with us!!
Arcadian Lighting has some really fun pieces so be sure to pop over there and take
a look!  Hope you are all having good weeks thus far... Check back soon for a post
from yours truly.  Happy Tuesday lovies!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

color crush: lemon

I have been in love with this outfit since it came down the runway.  Unfortunately I don't think I'll be pulling off the bright yellow-ballgown-skirt-look anytime soon.  So instead, loving the pops of lemon in the following images... how fun is yellow for a headboard?!  I think my favorite is the first one...

and just one more dress for good measure:
all images via my pinterest

So what do you think?  Is yellow too daring?  Or just daring enough?

Happy Sunday everyone.  Hope you are all have gorgeously wonderful weekends.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


What I wish I was doing today:
What I'm actually doing:
(While listening to this on repeat.)

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all having fantastically fabulous glorious weekends.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

not a moment too soon

It's finally Friday, and not a moment too soon.  Very much looking forward to a lazy weekend full of friends and a fancy cocktail or two… for now, a few things I'm inspired by this week, beginning with the ever fabulous Chanel.

 all images via my pinterest

Monday, October 3, 2011

lacquer lust

Ever since a not-so-fun day of painting two very dark walls back to white, I made a decision to never paint a rental ever again.  (Unless of course, I can afford to pay someone else to do the work.)  And so- for now I am stuck with my chalky white walls- left only to dream of more fabulous finishes, and I cannot get lacquer out of my head.  So obviously I had to start a Pinterest board.  I love the drama that a lacquer finish adds to a room.  High-gloss jewel tones are completely drool-worthy, and black looks insanely glamorous .... I adore it when done in darker colors, the way it shines and reflects the light is so much more interesting than a typical matte finish.  It can also be it done as a ceiling finish, which adds an unexpected pop and makes the room appear larger due to its reflective quality.  What would I lacquer in my dream home?? The look of a lacquered library (how's that for alliteration?) is trรจs chic, but maybe an office?  I think navy would be my color of choice...although I do love that rich persimmon entryway.  What do you think?