Friday, October 21, 2011

my kind of friday night

So- remember this post??

Well... today, my Farrow & Ball wallpaper samples finally arrived!!!  They are LOVELY.  Gorgeous colors, which I expected, and very textural which I wasn't expecting at all.  They are soooo beautiful.

See????  My favorite is the one on the left.  Ahh.  Now if only I could afford more than the free swatch!  Adore.

Not only did the samples arriving make my Friday night pretty awesome (I am supposed to be doing school work), but also my new desk chair arrived (which of course I pulled out of the box and put together immediately.)  SO excited, have been trying to find a desk/chair combo since school started and it's finally all coming together!!  I got the desk last weekend and have been waiting ever-so-patiently for this chair to be delivered.  Pictures to come once I finish decorating...  but to give you an idea of the vibe I'm going for, it's sort of a combination of these two images:

I love that lamp!!

Hopefully now I will be uber-productive because I actually enjoy sitting at my desk!  I'll keep you posted on that front...  I may have to shut down the internet completely so I am not tempted by pinterest and the million and one blogs I need to catch up on.  Anyway... it's looking like this is going to turn into a fabulously productive and wonderful evening... hope you are all enjoying this Friday night!

**images 2 & 3 via my pinterest

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