Wednesday, July 25, 2012

brass, lacquer, good things

A project I'm currently plotting is the refinishing of an old armoire.  I'm daydreaming about high-gloss black lacquer (with perhaps a pop of color inside) and polished brass hardware.  And yesterday, I may have found (and purchased too quickly to second guess myself) these beauties on ebay:

now I am beyond excited, although a little nervous as I have never taken on a project of this sort.  I've been pinning loads of tutorials and reading up on different methods.  I want to achieve a very smooth and glossy finish- if anyone has any tried and true methods please let me know!  I am hoping to tackle this in the next few weeks- so stay tuned for updates.  I promise a before-and-after post of sorts (unless of course I fail miserably, in which case we will never speak of this again.)

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