Wednesday, September 7, 2011

gallery wall

favorite - have been drooling over this image forever

In the time since I moved into my apartment last year, I have accomplished almost nothing in terms of decorating my room.  Sure, I was very handy and put up a chandelier on moving day (this isn't really that incredible seeing as it sat in a box for a year in my previous apartment).  I also managed to get two (two!) prints framed.  Only one is hung on the wall and that's thanks to Dad, about 2 months ago.  Curtains are hung, and the furniture's been rearranged countless times... and I think I've finally found an arrangement that works!!  (Also thanks to Dad.)

So now my goal is to fill up some of the very white, very blank walls.  Took a trip to Ikea this weekend and purchased some frames... and managed to put a print in one of them.  Now...  Must.  Hang. On. Wall.  

I want to create a sort of gallery wall like the images above... what's more fun than a whole wall full of things you adore?  I think it's so interesting how the chosen images can have a sort-of conversation and play off of one another... standing alone they may be nothing special but together they become sensational. 

I am completely in love with this idea of framing all sorts of images that I am inspired by or drawn to, in similar frames of one color family.  In theory, I do like the look of random frames put together, as in the last image above.  In reality though I'm a fan of a more polished and streamlined look.  I adore thin metal frames (like this one) that almost blend into the wall but stand out just enough.

The problem is... I don't have all the prints yet.  I've been collecting things, but verrryyyy slowly as I seem to have a knack for falling in love with the most expensive of items.  I have started somewhat of a collection wish-list with Pinterest.  I would be oh so happy if the below images were framed on my wall...  if only getting them there was as easy as clicking "pin it".

Coming to a wall near me soon (?)

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