Sunday, September 4, 2011

you musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling

Inspired by Caitlin's post, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to dream a little bigger.

This summer, I took an intro interior design class at FIT...and things started to just make sense.  I realized that my obsession with blogs about interiors, my love for color and pattern, and my tendency to constantly rearrange the furniture could all come together into a career.  So, rather spur-of-the-moment-like (because when you discover what you want to do, you want to do it right away!) I applied to some design schools.

After much deliberation (and consideration of future financial woes due to exorbitant student loans) I decided on an online MFA program that I can complete on my own schedule.

Classes have just started and I am oh so excited!  It's amazing how happy one feels, knowing that you're headed in the right direction.

And so- this blog begins.  This is a personal challenge...I follow upwards of 20 blogs, all unique and full of high quality beginning my own blog is a daunting task.... that I have been wanting to do but have been putting off for over a year.

No longer!  I've decided to just jump in, and use this as a sort of melting pot of all of my inspirations, daily challenges, and random well as a networking place to supplement my "classroom" learning experiences.

Looking forward to the challenge!  Hope  to learn many things along the way.

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  1. Sarah! This is a great start for a blog. I'm so happy that you have started this.

    Not to steal your thunder, but I was curious if you could point me in a direction for setting up a blog... Yes, I have been tossing the idea of starting one too! Though, my interest is in fine foods, cooking/baking, and all related topics. If you happen to know some networks that I can talk to, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate your input.