Monday, September 5, 2011

honey, i'm home

Just spent forever+ minutes browsing images I've saved on my computer...ahh life before Pinterest!  What did we do without it?  Not properly categorize our inspiration images- that's what we did.

Oyy.  Totally frustrating because I have so many gorgeous images, but no clue where they came from.  And of course they're all saved in separate random folders that I thought were so aptly named at the time.  Rather than letting them just take up space, I decided to put together a sort-of-collage-slash-just-pretty-things-piece using a few favorites... apologies for the lack of proper crediting.

Welcome to dreamland lovies...

In case you were unaware...I'm a total little girl at heart.  If it was socially acceptable to run around town in glitzy ballgowns and layers of tulle I'd be all over that...  I usually gravitate towards whimsical images of sheer swathed fabrics, glitter strewn rooms and chandeliers everywhere...full of pastel tones like lilac and baby pink.  maybe this gravitation is just the remaining imprint of my ballet years and "visions of sugarplums" dancing in my head, but my favorite word has always been gossamer...which I guess is pretty evident in the dreamy images above.

It's funny though, these inspiration images (that I have boatloads of) aren't exactly what I'd choose if I had oodles of money to spend on my apartment/wardrobe... lately I've found myself drawn to classic pieces, clean lines, and (small) bold pops of color.  I've always loved white on white interiors... and as for my wardrobe...anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that it consists mainly of black, white, grey and navy items.  the craziest i get is a pop of neon nail polish and some glitzy-ish jewelry...

In dreamland I'm completely comfortable with this sugary overdose... layers upon layers of glitz and sparkle and tulle and sequins.... in real life it just feels like overkill.  There's always a little bit showing through though, as much as i might try to shy away from it.  I think I'll always be that little girl at heart, no matter how old I get or how much my style evolves.  Maybe one day when I have an actual office/work space that's where I'll pour on the glitz and whimsy.

For now, I'll stick to wearing more bracelets at once than generally acceptable.

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